We personally visit every plantation before approving products for sale.

We exclusively deal in sustainable products produced by small and medium sized plantations which possess their own manufacturing facilities. Our focus lies on selecting the best small batch manufacturers in every product segment irrespective of the region of origin. While we do regularly import products from abroad, some of the finest gourmet ingredients are of Indian origin. This is a direct result of India’s diverse eco-systems and a rich legacy involving centuries of trade in exotic fruits, herbs and spices. However, stocks are often reserved primarily for the export market. Using our channels, we make it possible for discerning Indian consumers to access this closely guarded circle – because good taste shouldn’t be defined by geographical boundaries!


Lifestyle upgrades have resulted in consumers demanding a wider and better range of goods from the market. It’s our mission to present to our audience, handpicked products from abroad and export grade products manufactured in right here India; all under one roof.



Producing export-grade products is our forte. We’ve upgraded products, packaging & processes originating from small/medium styled small batch manufacturers into standardized certified export grade goods. These brands have been sold world-wide in over 40 markets.



We’ve used our import-export expertise to setup trusted channels with small and medium sized small batch manufacturers in Europe (especially Eastern Europe) to provide top-notch affordable gourmet ingredients to the vast, dynamic and ever evolving Indian market.



We also act as intermediaries between manufacturers in Europe and Russia and the growing demands of buyers in India in order to overcome barriers of production-standards, language, culture etc. and enable people of these two varied continents to do business together.




We offer grains, flakes and flour of various cereals like wheat, oat, buckwheat, barley, millet etc. from our Eastern European partners along with perennial supply of sunflower oil. Supplies of fresh fruits as well as IQF berries can be arranged post harvest in summer. Bulk and bottled packs of honey (acacia, sunflower, buckwheat, lime-tree, linden, multi-flower etc.) can also be provided at competitive rates.

Walnuts (with shell and shelled/kernels) can be procured during peak harvest season. Dairy products like condensed milk, cheese, whey etc. are also available year round. We can also procure specialty meat cold-cuts and whole cured/smoked meats like classical ham, sausages, air-dried basturma, pig fatback {lardo}, roulades, carbonnades, briskets etc.

For bulk procurement and purchase inquiries, kindly send us a note about specifications, terms and target prices.



Alphonso mango products: We offer the finest Alphonso & Kesar mango purees (with and without pieces) from Sindhudurg & Ratnagiri, Maharashtra to hotels, restaurants and confectioners all over Europe. Our mango products are sourced from a single farm and are pulped and processed on location to maintain consistency of aroma, taste and flavour.

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Jams, Jellies & Preserves: We offer some of the most exotic fruit preserves and jams from Eastern Europe. Our culinary adventurers have been pushing the definition of the word “exotic” by offering to our customers, preserves of lingonberries, blackcurrants, viburnumberries along with the usual staple of strawberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, plums, cherries (regular & wild), etc. On request, we’ve also offered exotic varieties of honey!

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Fresh Amla Chyawanprash: Our Chyawanprash formulations have one distinct advantage over the others; our Rasayanas prepared using fresh Amla fruits harvested at the peak of winter. Production is limited to a couple of batches and we completely stop production during summer months. Thus our consumers are quite literally, members of an exclusive limited edition club!

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Morel Mushrooms: Our premium sun-dried Morel mushrooms are fetched from the northernmost Himalayas in Kashmir, India. Each morel is individually inspected for size and colour parameters. Only the most potent dark mushroom caps are packed for sale. We discard the tails, so you only pay for mushroom caps which contain that inimitable “umami” flavour.

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Exotic Butters (Kokum, Sal, Tamanu etc.): We started out exporting the rarest of rare oils, fats and butters to big brand cosmetic giants in Europe. Waves of small-batch natural cosmetics swept the U.S, U.K & Europe and we now pride ourselves in being the “go-to” suppliers for small and medium sized cosmetics manufacturers who are looking for raw, unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized exotic butters.

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Natural Essences & Colours: Since centuries, the Indian spice industry has been an unstoppable juggernaut in the global spice market. Modern lifestyles, new gastronomic preferences and modern culinary styles are pushing our spice industry to reinvent the concept of flavour. We offer cutting edge products like super-concentrated extracts, natural colours and essences to European confectioners. 

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Our partners

Effects of liberalizing the Indian economy are slowly being reflected in the favourable way in which markets are responding to premium, exotic and luxury end goods and brands. This insatiable demand for experiencing the best products this world can offer is driving up sales of imported goods and pushing local manufacturers to upgrade existing Indian brands. We are also witnessing a dramatic shift of attitudes where consumers have started appreciating the virtues of purchasing products from small batch manufacturers/entrepreneurs over mass produced run of the mill goods produced at big factories. In view of these new market rules, we’ve formed lasting & fruitful partnerships with some of the oldest reputed small batch manufacturers in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat. We take much pride in promoting limited edition products of the oldest Alphonso mango plantation and one of the oldest Ayurvedic factories. Exotic butters, oils and fats are ethically sourced from In India we have partnered with online marketplaces like SnapDeal to sell our products throughout the country.

We have some of our most enthusiastic and supportive customers come from the U.S. Corporations and medium & small cosmetics companies who have stood firmly for principles over profit and have insisted for their products to be ‘chemical free’ are our target market. We’ve specially maintained an entire portfolio of physically extracted, unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized exotic butters for this niche clientele. These exotic butters, oils and fats are sourced ethically from cottage level industries and processed just enough to make them export worthy. We’ve partnered with Fedex and DHL for swift deliveries from Mumbai to any city in the U.S and have also given our customers the option of buying our products from Amazon FBA.

Once closed and restricted economies of Eastern European countries are now opening up. With regards to their food industry, many ex-soviet block countries are shifting to European manufacturing prices and providing world class food products at affordable rates. We have our representative office in Ukraine and continue to scour for new and exotic gourmet products to import into India.


Most discerning consumers are aware of the fact that it is considerably more difficult for local Indian products to be made export worthy. Exporting Indian products entails exposing the product to greater scrutiny abroad under stringent global standards. This results in manufacturers paying more attention to details which they may otherwise neglect when selling to local markets. Employing higher standards of ingredients inputs, process inspection, laboratory testing and post production quality control results in products which match US/European safety standards and are generally more palatable and safer for consumption and use. This is also the reason why such limited and relatively expensive batches are reserved for export markets where manufacturers can get fair returns on their investment.

Our point is that homegrown export grade products are at times completely different from the products that you see in the market. We export the best Alphonso mangoes to countries like the U.S and Japan; these gems don’t even reach Mumbai’s markets let alone reaching farther metropolises. There are certain Indian fruit purees that are exclusively meant for the European confectionery industry; it’s as if these products do not exist for the Indian consumer. The rarest of rare exotic oils are exported out to the developed world and imported back in the form of expensive branded cosmetics. Everybody uses famous cosmetic brands from Germany & France, little do they know that the foundation of those brands lies in sourcing rare/exotic oils manufactured right here in the vast forests of our country. It’s a closely guarded club and often times it’s difficult for consumers to access this treasure trove of locally produced world class goods. Since consumers these days are very well educated and can pay that extra buck to make smart purchases we’ve asked some of our best performing manufacturers to start catering to this niche local market.

We usually import exotic grains, flakes, honey etc. from Eastern European countries and the Russian Federation. India has had historically pleasant business relations with these countries for decades now and we truly believe that some of the finest agricultural produce comes from this rich flat farmland. Speaking strictly in terms of numbers, this region consisting of many countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic strip is a top producer of wheat, corn, barley, buckwheat, dairy products, honey, nuts, berries etc.

The United Nations did a soil survey of the world and declared “chernozem” or “black soil” to be the most fertile soil type of all. There isn’t much black soil in the world and whatever little there is, is found in a stretched belt of land starting from Serbia to Central Russia. Legend has it that any seed planted in these lands will bear the healthiest crop and the sweetest fruit. This is in essence true since “black soil” has the highest amount of “humus” – decomposed organic soil matter which is responsible for storage and dispensation of essential nutrients for plant growth as well as accelerated growth cycles. It’s also known as “natural fertilizer”This combined with mild spring and intense summer weather yields some of the finest grain and fruit crops known to mankind. Don’t take our word for it, you can read more about this phenomenal “black soil” by following this link.

We are as some would say at the very “source” of all food production in the great European continent. Endless fertile farmlands filled to the brim with nutritious black soil can be witnessed when one travels from central Poland up to flat farmlands in central Russian provinces. This region, especially the country of Ukraine has been historically regarded as the “bread basket of Europe”. We decided to explore this avenue further by appointing our own representative office in Ukraine back in 1998. Strolling through farmers’ markets and witnessing first hand the cavalier attitude with which copious amounts of berries (considered expensive and exotic to the outsider) were sold, we quickly grasped the potential of this huge untapped food supply. Our firm belief is that these countries produce some of the most delicious and consistent fruit, meat and dairy products, but have fallen far behind mainland Europe because of restrictive government policies. As both Russia and Ukraine open up, it is becoming easier for the gourmand sitting in a fancy restaurant in Mumbai to appreciate authentic sturgeon caviar, marinated salo or even freshly harvested apricot & peach preserves coming straight out of a jar produced in this fertile belt.

Sunflower oil is a great example of how seemingly impossible synergies were created between two fairly distant business communities of Ukrainian oil manufacturers and Indian oil importers and refiners. After years of investments on both sides Ukraine now provides India with over 90% of its sunflower oil demand. Since this oil is refined and sold as “Indian sunflower oil” hardly anybody of the millions of consumers of this oil would know about the Ukraine story. Similarly, in all these years of scouring for the best agricultural produce we realized that continental Europe purchases a lot of raw materials from this fertile belt and processes it to be exported out into emerging markets. Marketing in English and accessibility have in the longer run made European manufacturers more prominent in our search for all things, gourmet. Luckily for us we’ve overcome age old cultural and language barriers to push our aim of bringing food connoisseurs closer to the “source” by providing them direct access to delicious gourmet products from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Exotic cosmetic butter supply depends on seasonal harvests and silviculture based cultivation, harvest and collections each year. We have worked a way out to supply “Kokum butter” (Indica Garcinia Seed Butter) throughout the year. Exotic butters like “Mango butter” (Mangifera Indica Seed Butter) on the other hand are available during and after India’s mango harvest in summer months. The exact same rule applies to oils like “Tamanu oil” (Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil) and butters like “Sal butter” (Shorea Robusta Seed Butter) and “Mowrah butter” (Madhuca Longifolia Seed Butter). We’ve tried our level best to keep a specialty range of these butters in “unrefined/raw” form where we have not used any chemicals for the process of extraction. We use traditional physical extraction methods which often give a poorer yield compared to chemical extraction, but the final product is completely and truly natural. This is also the reason why raw or unrefined butters are slightly more expensive than their refined counterparts. Note that our clients are so strict about passing on this “chemical-free/natural” badge on to their customers; all our raw/unrefined exotic butters are unbleached and non-deodorized.


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